“Participating” in “Operational Excellence”

The following message was sent to all students on the UC Berkeley campus by the student government president.  For those who aren’t familiar with “Operational Excellence” (OE), it’s a targeted set of austerity measures that came out of the Bain recommendations earlier this year.  (If you recall, UCOP handed over $3 million to this consulting firm, which in turn advised the administration how to most effectively lay off workers, cut services, and jack up student fees.)

[Just this past week  the Berkeley Faculty Association (BFA) and the faculty group SAVE jointly released a position paper that strongly condemns the administration’s uncritical implementation of these recommendations.  Check it out here.]

Operational Excellence is nothing but a euphemism for more of the same, albeit with increased intensity: more budget cuts, more austerity measures, more layoffs, more fee hikes.  This clown is urging students to “participate” in this neoliberal charade by clicking on a fucking link to a Bain-sponsored website.  A shallow attempt at hegemony if we’ve ever seen it!

We will however be “participat[ing] in the project.”  Tomorrow UC workers from UAW, CUE, AFSCME, UPTE, and AFT will be marching on Labor Relations to demand fair contracts immediately.  UAW is in bargaining now and will likely go on a multi-week strike during finals.  And that’s just the beginning. On November 16, the administration will see what we have in store for them, and on November 17 the Regents.

Want participation in OE?  We’ll give it to you!

Dear Students,

We have just about hit the half waypoint of our semester and I know every Cal student is swimming in midterms, papers and Tele-Bears stress. It may feel like turning away from our studies for even a moment will set us behind, but if you do take a study break, I would like to make one request.

Many are aware of the current Operational Excellence (OE) project the campus has begun to improve UC Berkeley’s operations. The success of OE
depends on the participation of the entire campus community. As the largest population on the campus, students have a responsibility to represent their constituency for the present and for the future. The OE leadership has set up a website where students can learn more, apply to participate in the project and share their thoughts.

Please go to http://berkeley.edu/oe to get involved and voice your concerns. This is your campus and your input is critical to the future of UC Berkeley.

Lastly, don’t forget that the Big Game is right around the corner! Get ready to beat Stanfurd in Memorial Stadium and bring home the axe on November 20.


Noah Stern
ASUC President

Let’s “participate” in OE by building for the UAW strike, shutting down the campus on Nov. 16, and shutting down the Regents meeting on Nov. 17!

No austerity measures on our campus under any guise!


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