In the meantime…

Most of the correspondents for this blog ended up getting locked up on Friday night as we attempted to march to the site of Oscar Grant’s murder, but thankfully we’re all out now.  Much love to all those arrested and especially to our comrades in AS who got locked up en masse for holding it down and putting their bodies on the line.  We’ll have an account of Friday’s action and of the more than 150 illegal arrests — “unlawful assembly” without a dispersal order ever being issued and failure to allow those assembled to disperse — up shortly, as well as an account of some of the pig violence we witnessed inside North County.  Until then, we’re posting a link to a recent talk (September 2010 at Niebyl-Proctor) by our friend Loren Goldner on class struggle and the current crisis.

Don’t forget about the rank-and-file action at UC Berkeley on Tuesday when we’ll be marching to and taking the Labor Relations office.  For readers in Santa Cruz, our counterparts at UCSC have organized a simultaneous action.

Without further ado, here’s the talk.  We’ll be back shortly.

From Oakland to Greece, fuck the police!

Loren Goldner, Oakland, September 2010


One response to “In the meantime…

  1. Deidre Larice Washinton

    Please remember we need to be as civil as possible in order for the message to be heard and accepted. Organization, Mass Assembly and Government Action(VOTE) is a very important aspect. They already see us as Ignorant. If we address this the right way wwe will not only change an affect our indiviual Communities but the Nation as a whole. Where to start is my question along with many others I’m sure. We need to start taking signatures and speaking to Congress. This is larger than Oakland but a damn good plac to start.

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