2nd spokescouncil tonight!

For once a Daily Cal hack is right:

I’m thinking people were too busy researching the possible effects of Prop. 19, and I don’t mean by reading their voter guides.

Well, you might say – serendipity has shown her beautiful face again – we’re already planning another protest.

Protesting is pretty much a waste of time at this point.

Not to repeat myself, but the regents don’t have to listen to protests. History shows they haven’t, and their mere consideration of additional fee increases shows that they won’t start any time soon.

After all, they raised fees 32 percent last year as masses of students protested just outside the building where the vote took place.

This couldn’t be more on point.  All hitherto existing Regents meeting protests have been a joke.  If a contingent of AFSCME workers clap and chant loudly before marching out, they elicit little more than a chuckle from the bureaucrats and other scumbags peopling the crowd.  When students march in a symbolic picket by the dozen outside of the meeting, nothing results.

That’s why this time around we need to shut it down.

The time for symbolic protests is over.  Protesting as such is a waste of time.  We must seize and ultimately smash the bureaucratic apparatus on this campus.  A lofty goal perhaps, but immediately we do have a prime opportunity to get this strategy off the ground.  Tonight at 6 pm in 370 Dwinelle (note the location change) the 2nd spokescouncil will convene to figure out how the hell we’re going to do this.  But one thing is clear: we need to shut this charade down once and for all.

Have some original tactical thoughts as to how we might accomplish this, especially given the difficult nature of the UCSF-Mission Bay building in which the meeting is held?  Want to build for an actual shutdown of this fee-raising fiesta?  Want to send these bureaucrats back where they belong: onto the unemployment rolls?

Come out tonight to the spokescouncil meeting.

Fuck the fees!  This university is ours!


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