Build for the UAW strike: All out to the action on Nov. 9!

Next Tuesday (Nov. 9) the opposition caucus in UAW Local 2865 and rank-and-file members of CUE/IBT Local 2010 will be joining forces to pull off an action at the Labor Relations Office at UC Berkeley.  The date is hardly coincidental; Tuesday is presumably the final bargaining session between UAW (representing 12,000 GSIs, readers, and tutors on all UC campuses) and the administration.  At the last 3 bargaining sessions the UC effectively stonewalled UAW’s bargaining team, prompting the union to file an unfair labor practice (ULP) complaint in October.  This legally gives UAW the right to call a ULP strike, though unfortunately it is the bargaining team that must declare the strike in effect.  We have no faith that these bureaucrats will do a damn thing on their own.

Thankfully the UAW rank-and-file are mobilized.  Last Wednesday we took Sproul and got through to the bargaining team.  Just hours after the action wound down, the UAW bureaucrats sent an email to the membership upping the stakes, declaring their intention to call for a multi-week strike beginning Dec. 3 set to last for the duration of final exams.  What does this mean in plain English?  We have the power to effectively shut down all UC campuses during finals.

No contract, no grades!

It goes without saying that we aren’t finished.  That’s why this Tuesday we will join forces with our comrades in CUE/Teamsters, who the UC has left without a contract for over 2 years now.  Workers from AFSCME 3299, AFT, and UPTE as well as our student allies will be out.

Come out on Tuesday and tell these bureaucrats what’s up!

We want a strike, and we want it now!

We will be convening for a small rally near Sather Gate at 11:30 am, to be followed by a march to the Labor Relations Office located right at the Downtown Berkeley BART (2150 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 750).  If you can’t make it to Sather by 11:45 or so, join us outside LR on Shattuck.

Where’s our damn contract?

Build for the UAW strike on Dec. 3!  Let’s get this on and popping!

No more excuses; we want a strike now!


4 responses to “Build for the UAW strike: All out to the action on Nov. 9!

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  3. Nancy Reiko Kato

    I would like to subscribe to this site.

    Nancy Reiko Kato
    UC Berkeley
    UPTE CWA 9119, Local 1
    SWAT, Radical Women

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