All out to the courthouse to support our comrades!

A couple of us went to hear the opening statements in the trial-by-jury of two of our comrades who were targeted as prominent campus organizers and arbitrarily arrested at a so-called riot last February.  One of them was brutalized by the pigs — literally punched in the face — before she was pushed by an agent provocateur and snatched by the phalanx, as is readily apparent in the video recording below:

Jury selection occurred yesterday, and opening statements were read this morning around 9:30 am.  Following our comrades’ defense statement, the prosecution showed a 45-minute video of the evening filmed by the cops.  As far as we could see, nothing to incriminate our comrades was on display.  More to the point, whenever students were beaten with batons, the cameraman panned to the side or else decided it would be more opportune to film the pavement.

Occupied Durant Hall

This is just the beginning, and our comrades need all the support they can get.  We were the only support in the courtroom when we arrived, though another supporter did stop by a bit later.  The point though is that everyone needs to stop by at some point during the course of this trial — even if only for an hour or so — as it visibly lifted our comrades’ spirits.  One of the defendants has issued a call for support complete with full trial schedule over the next 2 weeks which we are copying below:

So… **** and I began our trial yesterday. It has gone very well up to this point and we’re excited to move forward. Briefly, we are co-defendants in a case resulting from our participation in the dance party that took place at Durant & Telegraph last February 25th/ 26th. If you’d like more information regarding the charges and our defense please contact me directly, I’d be happy to discuss it with anyone. I’ve been documenting my experience and impressions up to this point but for the time being will just provide a schedule for the upcoming few weeks and what we expect to be taking place each day.

The trial is being held in Dept 114 on the 6th floor of Wiley Manuel Courthouse. As far as I know the courtroom is open so people can come and go as they please, but it may be best to arrive at 9:30am or 1:30pm, when court goes into session.

Today we completed the jury selection process, which was somewhat tedious but incredibly revealing about the general public’s relationship to the state, police and protest. Tomorrow opening statements will be presented by both the prosecution and defense and then the prosecution will present their case. It would be great to have support there for the opening statements at 9:30am, although this notice may be too late. The prosecution will likely take the next two days to present their case, which will involve police officers testimony and doesn’t promise to be very exciting. **** and I would appreciate, however, if people could come for our defense, during which some of our friends will be called to testify and our attorneys will present a thorough and honest account of the events and our reasons for taking the actions we did. **** and I will also both be testifying. Here’s a tentative schedule:

Wed, Nov 3

— 9:30am – 12: opening statements, prosecution begins to present their case

— 1:30 – 4:30: prosecutions witnesses, defense cross examination

Thursday, Nov 4

— 9:30am – 12: prosecution continued

— 1:30 – 4:30: “”

Wednesday, Nov 10

— 9:30am – 12: defense begins their case, presents witnesses, prosecution cross

— 1:30 – 4:30: defense continued

Friday, Nov 12

— 9:30am – 12: defense continued

— 1:30 – 4:30: “”

Monday, Nov 15

— The trial may continue into this week but I will update as we go.

All out to the courthouse to support our comrades!

Down with arbitrary targeting!  This was a set-up!

Drop all charges against student activists!


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