2nd spokescouncil this Thursday (Nov. 4)

More details and hopefully a flyer will follow, but we wanted to spread the word about this Thursday’s (Nov. 4) spokescouncil in 122 Wheeler Hall (UC Berkeley) announced here.  For those not on Facebook, we’ve copied the text below.

People are frustrated with the General Assembly model… so we’re trying something completely different!

Not a decision making body. It is a non-hierarchical means of communicating between/across affinity groups.
A spoke (or representative) of an affinity group goes to the spokescouncil to represent the intentions/plans/skills/offerings of their AG and sees how they might or might not collaborate with other… AGs… The spoke takes info from the spokescouncil back to their affinity group.

Small group of people that acts/organizes/makes decisions together, that trusts each other, and takes care of each other.

Unaffiliated people are welcome.

AGENDA FOR THURSDAY: coordinating for the Regents mtg
People were happy with the first spokescouncil and called for a second one. Please come prepared to talk about your group’s plans for plugging into action on 11/16 and ideas for 11/17.

Last week some groups sent a spoke while other groups came as a unit. You’re free to do either, but this time let’s try to give priority to having the spokes speak and the rest of each group (if present) hang back…


All: feel free to use the comment section below to add to this loose description/report/agenda…

Some good plans are already in the works.  Let’s make them a reality!  Fight back on Nov. 16!  RSVP here.


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