Spokescouncil tonight

Spokescouncil meeting tonight!

The unions in the UC Union Coalition (UCUC) appear to be pushing for folks from all UC campuses to come to UCSF on November 16 for the Regents’ meeting.  While we laud their intentions, we also remain wary of the limited effect of such an action.  Presumably a few dozen workers from AFSCME, CUE, and UPTE will show up, clap loudly at some point near the beginning, and march out after making a scene.


[Update: Appearances can be deceiving.  The UCUC is in fact pushing a 3-day plan nearly identical to that proposed below: 16th on campuses, 17th at UCSF, 18th escalate on campuses.  We therefore now stand behind the UCUC plan and will be pushing precisely this timeline for action at Thursday’s (Nov. 4) spokescouncil at UC-Berkeley.  Apologies to UCUC for our preemptive criticism.]


Is this what we should be doing in the face of an impending 10 % fee hike, degenerating pension plans, and denial of fair contracts to multiple unions?  And realistically, are students really going to make it out to the Mission Bay campus in significant numbers?

We doubt it.

Why not stay on our own campuses on the 16th and organize militant actions uniting students and workers?  Where possible (namely, UCSC) we can work to shut down the campus.  Elsewhere (Berkeley and Davis) we can coordinate direct actions to disrupt business as usual, at the very least shutting down certain sectors in the social sciences and humanities.

Then on the 17th we can follow up with a visit to UCSF.  This does not mean we should polemicize during the insufficient public comment period or storm out while reciting anti-Blum chants; this will merely make us feel as if we accomplished something while providing the Regents and their running dogs with a brief chuckle.  Instead, those of us on the most militant UC campuses in Northern California — Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Davis — must work together to literally shut the meeting down.

What this would look like is precisely what needs to be discussed at the spokescouncil tonight.

If this action is not successful in staving off the 10 % fee hike — and quite predictably it will not be — we need to escalate.  November 19: one day prior to the first anniversary of the Wheeler occupation.  The last thing we want is some kind of celebration of what has already come to pass.  No, let the dead bury their dead.  Let’s work to shut our campuses down until fee hikes are off the table once and for all!

How do we do this?

We’ll see you tonight…


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