Live from the Grade-In

No contract, no grades!

Fair contracts for all UC workers!

No fee hikes!

Drop all conduct charges against student activists!

New fee hike confirmed! Fight back Nov. 16!

At the UAW 2865 Joint Council meeting last weekend, the union executive board voted to give themselves 100 percent raises.

No mention of a strike.
To the union bureaucrats: step aside and let the rank-and-file build for this strike!

Strike or collaborate: we’re watching.

Sproul is ours!

After an hour or so in Sproul, one of Graduate Division Dean Szeri‘s henchmen came to tell us he’d relayed our demands to the administration — in general.  When asked if he’d have Szeri issue a public statement endorsing the demands, he said he would not.

Obviously.  Neither Dean Szeri nor any bureaucrat in the administration will ever give us what we want, nor can they.  That’s why we must take it.

To the administrative bureaucrats: we don’t expect you to meet our demands.  We expect you to recoil at our potential to shut all 10 UC campuses down in an intercampus GSI-reader-tutor strike next month.

Shut down the university in order to transform it!


4 responses to “Live from the Grade-In

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