No show trials on our campus!

Drop all charges!

Our doughty comrade, an occupier of both A&E (Capital Projects) on Nov. 18 and Wheeler on Nov. 20 is, nearly one year after the alleged fact, being tried in front of an Office of Student Conduct (OSC) panel tomorrow just after 1 pm.

Where’s the evidence?  Hands off student protesters!

According to the OSC’s own timeline, this should have been wrapped up within 75 days of the alleged incident.  Now, roughly 340 days after said alleged incident, our comrade is being dragged in front of a kangaroo court already prepared with a guilty verdict.  Apparently a secret directive was issued by one dean to another, ordering the OSC to suspend this timeline indefinitely, purportedly due to furloughs.  Even if these OSC hacks made in excess of $300,000/year and were therefore required to take 10 percent furloughs, this would not explain this egregious delay.  Why is this student being subjected to an extrajudicial process that could possibly result in suspension when she was not charged with a single offense in a court of law?

No show trials on our campus!

Though the OSC has denied the right to a public hearing in most related student conduct cases from last November, for one reason or another our comrade has succeeded in securing an open hearing.  We urge those who cannot make it to the direct action tomorrow to head to the hearing to witness this charade for themselves.

And finally, a message from our comrade herself that includes details:

At long last, we have confirmed a larger room for the hearing, so we now know everything we need to know in order to invite you all to show up!

What: my hearing with the Office of Student Conduct about the Nov. 18 Capital Projects building sit-in and Nov. 20 Wheeler takeover from 2009

Day: Tomorrow Wed. the 27th

Time: get there between 1 and 1:15pm, or wait for a break

Where: Krutch Theater, Clark Kerr Bldg. 14 (Piedmont and Parker)

‘Til when: all day, probably into the night

How: it’s a public hearing, so anyone may attend (and technically you can report on it later)

I attached a flier if you wanna spread it around. Forward this if you want 🙂 Hope to see you tomorrow, it’s sure to be an “educational process.”

Her final reference to the “educational process” is an allusion to OSC director Susan Trageser’s claim at a public OSC forum last semester that the conduct process is rooted in an “educational philosophy” as opposed to a punitive one.  This same claim is expressed in the OSC’s mission statement.

Educational indeed!  Perhaps this is why another of our comrades, found guilty just a couple of weeks ago of various offenses related to the A&E occupation, was forced to write a 10-page so-called “reflection paper” that reads like a veritable re-education camp assignment.  Don’t believe us?  Have a look. An unsatisfactory response on his part will be met with a required rewrite until he provides answers deemed acceptable by OSC on pain of further punitive sanctions.

Re-education backed by the armor of coercion.

Abolish OSC!  No double jeopardy on our campus!

Drop all charges against student protesters!


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